Words have the power of life and death.  With a single word, you can save the lives of the aircrew or prevent an airplane crash:  “Abort!” A word like that normally gets repeated — “Abort! Abort! Abort!” — but it only needs to be heard once.

Your words matter.  We need to hear them.

Sometimes hearing a word is not enough.  For example, there has been a place on almost every flight test card to record observations made in the heat of the moment, a comment about air quality, workload, or whatever else seems relevant. Someone must write down these words when blurted out, because the urgency of the situation demands a way to record and communicate these data.

Your words matter.  We need to read them.

In flight test as in other disciplines, there is more than one form of written word.  Another kind appears in the flight test report, after synthesis and analysis have taken place.  This step takes more time, but we do not arrive at meaningful conclusions without this deliberation.  Careful review transforms raw data into useful information. Ultimately, the test team publishes the report and disseminates it to those who need information to make decisions.

Put your words on the page. Partner with an editor. Publish your story.

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