You are an expert at gathering facts and making technical observations.  

Admittedly, I say that based on a reasonable supposition about who will end up reading these articles.  We like data, and often we want just the facts. John Stuart Mill suggested, however, that “the habit of analysis has a tendency to wear away the feelings” [1].  Years later, a neuroscientist validated a complementary idea, suggesting that “decision making is seriously compromised” in patients with the kind of brain injury or congenital defects that limit emotional response [2]. Still more recently, Daniel Kahneman has written an entire book on our mental biases and inclinations and how we often make poor decisions, even when we have all the facts we need.

This suggests that the facts are not enough.  

Journalists already know this, and they have a saying to convey the principle: “Don’t let the facts get in the way of the story” [3].  Chip and Dan Heath also suggest that stories are important, and they identify two principles that give stories their power: “simulation (knowledge about how to act) and inspiration (motivation to act)” [4].

We need both facts and stories.

This profession needs statements and feedback. We need discourse. I’m asking you to read and respond, because the fact is, your words matter.


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what next?

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