Updated 20190104. Future articles and call for topics or submissions.
  • Flight Test Fact 19-01, a newsletter published for the Flight Test Safety Committee (coming to an email inbox near you in January 2019)
  • Reach Everyone – a qualitative statement of desired readership for the Flight Test Fact newsletter
  • 117% – a quantitative target of desired readership for the Flight Test Fact Newsletter
  • “It didn’t work, but it was worth the exercise” – A review of “Systems Theoretic Process Analysis Applied to the Air Force Test Safety Process”
  • Review of “Systems Theoretic Process Analysis”
  • Values – Words should be scalpels, not swords.
  • Review of “A New Accident Model for Engineering Safer Systems”
  • Review “Modernizing the Safety Process: Complexity Theory for Flight Test Professionals,” by Dan Javorsek:  Proceedings of the 59th Annual SETP Symposium, 23-26 Sep, 2015.
  • Values – Life is Like a Saturn V Rocket
  • Review of “Analyzing Links Between Language, Performance, Error and Workload”
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