It’s back to school time, and Turbo makes an interesting observation that correlates what we did in school with what’s in this issue.  

There is a lot to read in this issue, but the simple fact that so many of our readers are weighing in is a good thing–a great thing really–discussion means the newsletter is doing what it ought.  In this issue, you will find three letters to the editor (about last month’s edition), some fanciful observations about book covers and art and even dealing a hand of cards.

So whether you want to weigh in on the probability of a losing poker hand or join the STPA function vs component conversation, we hope to hear from you.  

While you are at your Annual Symposium, take notes and share those too with the editor, because connecting you and sharing your insights with other readers is why we are here.

Download Flight Test Safety Fact, 23-09.

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