Just this week, all of the FTEs flew north for the winter (I mean…annual symposium in London, Ontario), and a week earlier, the international Flight Test Safety Workshop ended in the UK.  Both meetings resulted in countless discussions that deserve their own columns in this newsletter, but instead of a technical paper, this month features something light-hearted and fun…orange you glad?

Orange wire, orange flight suits, and orange paint on our airplanes…each is related to safety, but where does legend meet fact?

Ghouls and goblins might be the source of Halloween fright, but another thing that scares us is the complexity of today’s modern systems and the effect of unknown unknowns on flight test safety.  You can help Ben Luther research the topic by facing your fears and taking his survey.  

If you have your own photos of Frankenstein aircraft or flight test modifications, send them our way.  If there is a flight test safety paper we should know about from the SFTE symposium or European FTSW, email that to us.

Download Flight Test Safety Fact, 22-10.

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