I spent part of the holiday on Monday shooting sport clays with a shotgun.  Before we started, I was talking to one of the instructors who learned the skill while hunting ducks.  That’s a tough way to learn on the job, but it’s another example of “implicit learning.”  Implicit learning is when we learn by doing rather than deliberate practice, and it applies to how we do flight test safety.  The first article contemplates these ideas during an afternoon of folding laundry, which is, incidentally, a relevant fact.

The second article is an introduction to the EVTOL committee.  At press time, I noticed that the newsletter still has a typographical error: the name of the committee should appear with a capital E.  If the article and the newsletter attachments constrain you to reach out to the committee–and I hope they do–have them explain why they selected a capital E.  They explained it to me, and I forgot to make the edits.  Also note that “constrain” is another word for motivate.  (English is a strange language.)

Now that I’ve given you several sundry observations, I’ll close by encouraging you to read Turbo Talk and listen to 2 podcasts about the same topic with a host of characters you probably know, both of which you’ll find in this edition.

Download Flight Test Safety Fact, 22-09.

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