The other day I ran into my stats professor, and I said, “what are the chances?” Almost unbelievably, I happened upon my geography teacher from elementary, and she said, “small world.”**

I joke, but understanding the limitations of the 2d risk matrix and exploring alternatives are not a joke. This month, a member of our profession who doubles as a cyber-acquisition professional shares what he learned about risk from that particular domain and encourages us to think about it. While this particular article was under review, someone suggested adding an illustration. I think that’s a helpful suggestion, but I also believe that taking the time to draw your own is equally helpful.

When do we stop what we are doing long enough to draw a three-dimensional Cartesian coordinate system? I ask this, because research shows that “getting your hands dirty” with the data or idea is more fruitful than dashboards and automated systems.

There’s also a recap of the Workshop, a link to the videos, and two months worth of podcasts on which to catch up.

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**Twitter is a great place to find viral threads with hilarious puns, and someone should probably be dropping some flight test humor.

Download Flight Test Safety Fact, 22-07.

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