What are the chances that important things are happening so fast in our industry, and in so many places around the world, that you missed one of them? 

One example is the VTOL Proposed Means of Compliance, a document EASA just published, which takes center stage in this edition.  I propose that reading the document, together with the probabilistic commentary in the article, is a great way to invest in your own professional development and the future of our profession.  One editor suggested that I was not direct enough in the article, but I’ll let you decide.  It also draws together threads from recent news stories that relate closely to the topics herein.

If you missed the virtual Flight Test Safety Workshop, you can now watch most of it online: http://flighttestsafety.org/2020-virtual-workshop.  There is also a trip report from Pete Donath in this month’s edition.  Special thanks to Pat Bearce who also responded to my request for feedback from the Workshop.

Finally, Chairman Tom Huff reflects on recent test safety efforts and major milestones, and he introduces a special guest for the Flight Test Safety podcast.  If you have a mobile phone, it couldn’t be easier to listen anytime and almost anywhere, and while you are there subscribe.  

Tell your friends and colleagues about the podcast, and help us Reach Everyone.  Send suggestions and feedback. We have the means to design a safer future for a novel mode of air transportation, and it starts with rigorous discussion about these ideas.

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