This article first appeared in the January 1971 Flight Test News.

At the 21 Oct. dinner meeting of the Los Angeles Chapter at the Los Alamitos NAS Officers Club, election of the following 1971 officers were announced; President – Duncan P. Walker, Vice President – James Murray, Secretary – Richard Roberts, and Treasurer – Henning Andersen. A summary of the national symposium was presented by Harold Weaver who attended. The principal speaker for the evening was Bert Lockwood who spoke on “Airport Operations and the Wide Body Jets.”

Mr. Lockwood told of the noise problems associated with operation of present day jets out of airports centered in high populated areas and also the plans being implemented to reduce jet aircraft engine noise. He told of litigation against the airports and that courts seem to be favoring the plaintiffs, which in turn causes the airport and government authorities to place tighter restrictions on the airlines and aircraft manufacturers. He asked the attending members to be cognizant of the noise problem in the design and testing phases of new aircraft. Mr. Lockwood also discussed the reasons why a new airport is required for servicing Southern California and why a site in the Antelope Valley was selected. He said that L.A. International Airport would be saturated by 1975 (41 million passengers) and that facilities would have to be available to service 175 million passengers by 1985.

This article first appeared in the January 1971 Flight Test News.

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