“Prediction is hard, especially about the future.”  This pithy quote is humorous, but in some sense, we can create the future we intend, especially when it comes to flight test safety.  

You will find two more pithy quotes in this edition of the Flight Test Safety Fact, and a research group attempts to predict emerging hazards in commercial aviation.  Their report and methodology are both relevant, and they also illustrate another important issue, something addressed in a column aptly titled, “First Things First.”  

Turbo asks us to sing “Auld Lang Syne” with him and also celebrates three years of podcasting.  

Speaking of pithy quotes, there is an important question that warrants your feedback inside this edition.

Finally, a look back at the London FTSW and feedback from the last few months of last year round out this edition.  

Happy New Year.  I look forward to hearing your one-liners as 2023 kicks off.

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