Ever wonder what life is like as a hang glider test pilot? (I’m not sure I had that particular thought, but I’ve often imagined what it would be like to fly a hang glider.)  This month’s feature article is written by a hang glider test pilot, one who has presented at SETP symposia before.  His topic this month hearkens back to a paper he presented (one you can download from the SETP website), but it incorporates his application of an idea found in a previous edition of this newsletter.

One company test safety manager also responded with an example of how he was using the topic from a past newsletter in his bi-weekly safety meeting discussion.  

So to summarize that’s reader feedback and participation in this medium that links to flight test safety resources in our other media and discussion inside yet another company.  *This* is exactly the kind of synergy that we intend to cultivate in our community.  So I’m delighted, and the topic also scratches my technical itch.

I hope you find the same utility in this month’s Flight Test Safety Fact, and if you have a question or idea, I hope you too send us your response too.

Download Flight Test Safety Fact, 21-09.

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