The US is about to celebrate our Independence Day, which is an event that is part of our culture but also a sign that it’s peak growing season for corn and soybean and every other crop that drones are sensing all over the world (if you believe the headlines).  Both of those things appear prominently throughout this issue in conversations about culture. 

If you are keeping track of fashion trends, you’ll find one parenthetical about Turbo’s provocative clothing, but more importantly, there is also a trip down memory lane for Turbo…twenty years since Mission X.  Curious: look inside this edition for Turbo Talk.

You’ll also find some notes from our most recent podcast and a link to videos from the Flight Test Safety Workshop. 

Hopefully, the extra time off should give you time to digest everything in this issue, on the website, and maybe even to send us a email.

Download Flight Test Safety Fact, 21-07.

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