Welcome back.  I needed the break and thank you all for your patience as FTSF took a month off in July.  The pace of life is starting to pick back up and accelerate as we head downhill on the back half of 2020.  

This month’s feature weaves together three separate threads that include SETP’s Dan “Animal” Javorsek, NASA’s Advanced Air Mobility expert Starr Ginn, and a string of airplane crashes in the USAF.  You’ll have to scrape off more than the topsoil to find the theme at the root of this column.  If you are the curious type or you are on that last summer vacation, it includes links to other stories and references you can really dig into for more information.  

Also reported this month…The Flight Test Safety Committee has big news–it says goodbye to one member and welcome to another.  

After reading this month’s issue, we hope you remember to check out everything the flighttestsafety.org website has to offer, including news about the Flight Test Safety Database–it will be down for extended maintenance.

This month I am asking for specific feedback about the frequency of this newsletter.  Is once a month the right pace, or should we go to every other month? Send feedback about this question or anything that you uncover.

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