Troy Soileau, an AFIT student, wrote to say this: “I personally don’t know how to get involved with the Flight Test Safety Committee, but I am eager to hear about possibilities.” I proposed three concrete actions as the next steps for him or anyone asking a similar question.

  1. Sharing this newsletter is first step in getting involved. You could print it, and hand it out in your office or at club functions. It’s designed to take up only one page front and back for this very reason.
  2. Are you aware of the website? Are you aware of the Flight Test Safety Workshop? Check them out.
  3. “Reading and responding” is the next most valuable thing you can do — if you have feedback, good or bad, either Tom Huff (Chairman) or I would greatly appreciate it. You can also write a “letter to the editor”. Or if you want to contribute an article OR collaborate on such an article for a future edition, that would help too. You can also connect/interact on Facebook or on twitter @FlightTestFact…as ways of reading and responding.

He followed up with this note: “I shared it with the AFIT Flight Test Club, and I’m posting all of your newsletters to our shared file folder.” Troy and others have shared the newsletter with many people, and we are extremely grateful. It is exactly that kind of initiative that will help us Reach Everyone.

editor’s note

You can find feedback, both positive and negative, on a weekly basis. The convention used for these articles appears in the title of this post: “19-w04,” where 19 is the year, and w04 indicates the week.

Links to this column will appear on twitter using #flighttest #feedback. The feedback that appears in this column may include complete “letters to the editor,” or it may simply be an excerpt. With permission, I will publish the author’s name and contact information.

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