Call for Nominations for National Officers

This article first appeared in the April 1970 Flight Test News.

Nominations for the following national offices are still open:

Office (Term)
President (1 year)
Vice President(1 year)
Secretary (1 year)
Treasurer (1 year)
Director at Large (2 years)
Director at Large (2 years)

According to the SFTE National Constitution an election of officers is required with the results announced prior to July 1, 1970. There must be at least two nominees, who have agreed to take the office if elected, for each vacant office. The current Board of Directors is in the process of spreading the workload out over the various chapters. It is anticipated that this will eliminate much of the officers’ work which was necessary prior to the formation of the chapters such that new officers can function primarily as directors.

It is however recommended by the present Board of Directors that at least five members of the new board, including the new president and vice president be located in the same general location. This makes it logistically much easier to conduct business. It is the nominations and elections committees recommendation therefore that you strive toward submittal of a slate of at least five officers. In addition where no local chapter is available individual nominations are welcome.

Please send nominations which are to include a paragraph of qualifications and present job assignment to:

F.W. McIlroy
Chairman, Nominations and Elections Committee
SFTE, P.O. Box 1186 Seattle, Wash. 98111

This article first appeared in the April 1970 Flight Test News.

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