This article first appeared in the April 2016 Flight Test News.

The Tech Council held their monthly teleconference on 16 March 2016 at 12:00 PM Eastern. Meetings are held monthly on the third Wednesday, and  any member may call in. Business covers a variety of topics including the Technical Notebook, Symposium judging, etc.

Did you know the Tech Council maintains a subject matter expert list, available to members via the SFTE website here? Members can ask experts anything, e.g., questions about safety, tricks and traps, and where to find more information. Experts may then respond to whatever degree appropriate.  There is no obligation or payment involved, just a helpful TC service.  

The TC is updating this list and is looking for nominations in any flight test-related field. If you or know someone you know is knowledgeable and agreeable, then please contact the TC Chair, Al Lawless at to begin a simple vetting process.  To get started, the TC only needs basic information showing accomplishments or knowledge in the field of expertise. This can be in the form of a resume or simple narrative, whichever is convenient.  Letters of Recommendation are also welcome. SFTE membership is encouraged but not required to participate as an expert. Additionally, there has been discussion about expanding the categories of experts. Computer programming, specific computer languages, and data science are all areas in which we could benefit from added expertise.

Micro Courses Jeff Stanley of SFTE Wichita requests proposals for micro-courses for the upcoming Annual symposium.  Contact any member of the TC with recommendations. For example, last year’s symposium included CRM, optical measurement for structural test, and MATLAB.

Digital Notebook  

The call for Tech Experts and Micro-Courses are both great opportunities for synergy with the digital notebook.  For example, consolidate notes from lectures or distil the elements of a technical paper presenting a novel approach for incorporation into the Reference Handbook.  Alternately, submitting content to the Notebook may demonstrate the knowledge needed to establish new areas of expertise.

This article first appeared in the April 2016 Flight Test News.

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