This article first appeared in the April 2018 Flight Test News.

Every year, the SFTE Board of Directors requests your nominations for our annual awards program. Nominations for all Awards, including Fellows and Scholarships, are due to the International Headquarters in Lancaster, CA by Monday, July 30, 2018. We have three significant SFTE Annual Awards: Kelly Johnson Award for individual achievement, James S. McDonnell award for team achievement, and the Director’s Award for service to the Society.  All members are welcome to submit nominations for other SFTE members, with the exception of the Director’s Award, as only a Chapter or Member of the Board of Directors may submit this nomination.

We also solicit nominations for SFTE Fellow, the highest level of membership in the Society. Candidates for all awards/Fellows may be nominated by individual society members or SFTE chapters. Nominations should be in the form of a one-to-two-page narrative and we strongly encourage including a resume and letter of recommendation.

Last, we are accepting applications for Scholarships. Further Scholarship Information and the application are available on our website.

This article first appeared in the April 2018 Flight Test News.

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