Pratt & Whitney and NORDAM to Develop Hushkit

This article first appeared in the January 1990 Flight Test News.

Pratt & Whitney of East Hartford, and NORDAM of Tulsa, Oklahoma have announced a preliminary agreement to develop, manufacture and sell a hushkit system to reduce noise in Boeing 737-200 aircraft powered by Pratt & Whitney’s JT8D engines. The noise reduction effort will bring 737-200 sound levels within Federal Aviation Administration Stage 3 standards. The program could be worth more than $2 billion to Pratt & Whitney and NORDAM over the next ten years.

Pratt & Whitney selected NORDAM because of the company’s demonstrated technical ability in the design of noise suppression systems, as well as its manufacturing capability. NORDAM will develop and test several hushkit options de- signed to quiet the JT8D-powered 737s.

The potential market for the JT8D/737 hushkit system includes approximately 900 twin-engine aircraft-about 90 percent of those in service. Incorporation of the noise reduction kit would enable them to meet Stage 3 requirements, continuing operating life into the next century. A final design will be selected in May 1990, with certification anticipated in late 1991.

Pratt & Whitney will be the program’s technical director. NORDAM will hold the Supplemental Type Certificate and related Parts Manufacturing Authority for the system. The Boeing Company is providing technical advice and support concerning hushkit installation on the 737s.

This article first appeared in the January 1990 Flight Test News.

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