This article first appeared in the April 1972 Flight Test News.

The Long Island Chapter of the Society of Flight Test Engineers held a dinner meeting at Port Jefferson on May 23, 1972. Principal speaker was Mr. Pete Tyer, E-2C Weapon System Operations Director.

Mr. Tyer has been employed by the Grumman Aerospace Corporation since 1961. He is with the Systems Flight Test Department and is assigned to the E-2 program. Mr. Tyer’s experience includes the E-2A and E-2B Overland Radar Development Programs and he served as the lead engineer for the Systems Flight Test Overland Development Program. He is currently the Operations Director for the E-2C Weapons Systems Development Program. The Operations Director coordinates the flight test program and is aboard the aircraft to oversee actual flight testing.

Mr. Tyer was previously an airborne CIC officer involved with the training coordination and supervision of radar flight crews. He was also a crew member on the E-2A Development and Demonstration Program and a member of the BIS Support Group.

Mr. Tyer presented the roll of Systems Flight Test in developing aircraft weapons systems. The discussion included:
the role of the flight test engineer
a description of the weapons system complexity
the role of the E-2A in the fleet
early warning and intercepter control
strike control

The presentation also featured a film depicting the mission of the E-2 aircraft.

This article first appeared in the April 1972 Flight Test News.

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