In December, we launched the Flight Test Safety podcast.  By “podcast,” we mean “audio recording,” which is the popular meaning of the term.  You can find it wherever you subscribe to podcasts, whether that is on the Apple podcast app or Google podcast app, and even second tier apps like Overcast, etc.  You can also navigate directly to the recording in a web browser:  Unfortunately this site doesn’t seem to work on some government networks. 

Art “Turbo” Tomassetti, a member of the Flight Test Safety Committee (FTSC) Board of Directors, is the host and the first guest.  He does an excellent job explaining why the podcasts exists and what the content will be.  Each month, we intend to use the podcast to supplement and complement this newsletter. We will also use it to point listeners to the resources and workshops that the FTSC provides.  If you have suggestions for topics, interviews, or even excerpts of past symposium talks, please reach out.  We also ask that you tell people about the podcast and subscribe using your cell phone or ipod.  I want to publically say thank you to FTSC’s Susan Bennett who worked furiously to get the podcast approved and hosted in all the right places just before the holiday.

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