I want to, and intend to, provide commentary on these papers, but for now too many people have told me, “I never heard about that one.”

  1. Risk Awareness: A New Framework for Risk Management in Flight Test
  2. Systems Theoretic Process Analysis Applied to the Air Force Test Safety Process
  3. Safety Planning using Applied Systems Theory

The authors were kind enough to allow me to post these papers and presentations here.

There are other papers not included here, because they are more widely known or because I do not have the permission to republish, but they are just as important, and I hope to publish another such list in the near future. Please contact the editor at flighttestfact dot com, if you would like to submit your paper, slides, audio, or video presentation. Additional presentations are available at flighttestsafety.org.

For each of these papers, for all of them, I would ask the same question I have asked and been asked: “What do I do with this?” because knowing how to apply the ideas in these papers is non-trivial.

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