Read now: the first ever Chia Chat column from the new FTSC Chairman.  (Not to be confused with Chai, a drink that includes tea.)

After this edition was put to bed, Turbo released another podcast (June edition) featuring an interview with Hermeus.  But if you are “hanging around” and want to listen to May’s podcast, you can read about it in this month’s edition of the Flight Test Safety Fact.  In that interview, the author shares some lessons he learned the hard way and shares links to the paper he wrote about it and the video presentation.

Sharing papers is a common theme this month, and this edition includes the award winning paper by Chris Webber, the FTSW Dave Houle Best Paper Award Winner.  It is included as an attachment to the pdf (under the “paper clip” menu in the sidebar).  Chia also penned a review of the presentation, if you need to be convinced to read it or watch it.  Watching it is an option, and you can find out where inside these pages. 

Last but not least, in this edition you can get a head start on planning for next year’s Workshops (yes, you read that plural word correctly), and read a summary report from this year.

As always, we want your feedback and suggestions, questions and observations.  Send them to the Editor.

Download Flight Test Safety Fact, 24-07.

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