Flight Test Safety Fact, 23-03

Imagine that you had magical powers, and you could apply those powers to any part of the flight test safety process? What would you apply it to? That’s one of the questions I’ll ask in this edition of the newsletter that explores many topics and landmarks including: 1) American football and the fundamentals, 2) silly slogans with mostly meaningless words and what we really mean when we say them (it’s a Letter to the Editor), 3) FTSC Award nomination guidelines, 4) and AI.

Your chance to submit an abstract to the Flight Test Safety Workshop has been extended to today (1 March)!

That’s a very brief description of this edition, because you’ll find lots of words inside, and I want you to save your energy for those words.  I hope some of them (the words in this newsletter) motivate you to send some words to the editor, mark@flighttestfact.com

I can’t close without warning you to beware the ides of March.  (Seems like the safe thing to do.)

Download Flight Test Safety Fact, 23-03.

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