Words have the power of life and death.  With a single word, we can command the abort of a dangerous flight test maneuver, but the power of our words extends beyond the cockpit and the control room to the cubicle and conference room.  We must engage in the kind of discussions that some would characterize as conflict, because it makes our arguments stronger, and it helps us fight for unity.  

As we begin a fourth year of the Flight Test Safety Fact, we issue the same challenge issued in the first edition:  Your words matter.  We need them.  

We want your opinions and your responses.  We want to hear how you are implementing lessons learned at your workplace.  After you read Rod Huete’s op-ed, your thoughts on subjective probability and 2D risk matrix are important.  Whether you send us an email or hold a discussion during a lunch-and-learn, we want to know.

There’s a good chance that the subtle humor in this email won’t mean the same thing to everyone, but to the average reader, we think you’ll find something to talk about inside this month’s newsletter.

Download Flight Test Safety Fact, 22-02.

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