As promised, this month’s edition of the Flight Test Safety Fact includes an editorial by LCDR Kurt Pfeffer (USCG). “I had a brief chance to meet Tom Huff as he spoke to our class finishing up at USNTPS (June 2017) and at SETP events, but otherwise haven’t had any other contact with the FTSC. I’m a former Marine and current Coastie, with a background in C-130, G100, and GV aircraft.” He hopes that you will get a chance to meet at the workshop in May.

In his editorial, Kurt succinctly collates the principles taught by others and describes how he applied them to an “elevated risk, low frequency” situation. I am delighted to report that editorial reviewers have already praised his column, but sharing this medium with people like Kurt also advances our goal to Reach Everyone. The outcome of his story is mundane precisely because it wasn’t catastrophic, but his suggestions also weave into the major theme of this month’s issue: Airshows.

Airshows amaze us and polarize us.

Over three thousand words have traveled to and fro, here and there, by way of the internet this past week. Each of these words was the result of the newsletter you are about to read. Many people have reviewed its contents, and two main themes emerged. One editorial group suggested that I rework the article to emphasize one theme. Others found the newsletter thought-provoking as is. Both themes are important, but the mere volume of correspondence that these reflections stimulated are my reason for leaving it unchanged and perhaps unfinished.

I don’t know.

That’s my answer, as you will find many questions in this edition. Hopefully, a future edition will include some of the letters I received this week as well as an op-ed from those highlighted in the article.

Please continue to send comments, feedback, suggestions, and letters to the editor to myself or Tom Huff, FTSC Chairman.

Download Flight Test Safety Fact, 19-04.

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