Flight Test News Presents Technical Supplement Feature

This article first appeared in the January 1972 Flight Test News.

R L. Wernecke, Editor

A new feature appears in this issue of FLIGHT TEST NEWS – the Technical Journal Supplement. The idea is to give the members an outlet for publication which is set apart from the lighter, more “newsy” flavor of the monthly NEWS.

The Board of Directors made the recommendation that original technical articles be set apart from the others. The Society is not financially prepared to publish a technical publication, so the obvious course was to include these papers with the NEWS as a separate supplement. Readers are encouraged to remove this center section and retain the articles. Members can build a book of technical papers dealing with all phases of aircraft flight testing.

The problem facing the editorial staff is obtaining articles of significant value for publication. Mr. Simpson’s dynamic performance paper appearing in this issue and the article authored by Mr. Clarke and Mr. Smith published last month are ideal examples of the quality we are seeking. The series beginning next month which describes Navy philosophies of stall/ post-stall/spin testing will also be of lasting interest. All members are encouraged to submit papers so that this worthwhile project may continue.

The staff is also seeking response from the membership concerning the editorial policies and the reaction to opinions of our authors. The Navy stall/spin test philosophies, for example, will not be endorsed by all test groups throughout industry and government. Rebuttals in the form of letters or follow-on papers would be stimulating. We also seek your opinions on the type of articles you prefer, so that we may reach all factions of our multi-disciplined membership.

This article first appeared in the January 1972 Flight Test News.

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