How do we disagree, and do so professionally and constructively, with our colleagues? That is the question I pose as you read the following feedback from a reader.

“I will say that I much prefer people make any attempts at contributing to safety advancement than that they stop to make only the optimal ones. “

That was the last thing a reader wrote to me recently, a positive note to end a series of emails that expressed disagreement. He appreciates the attempt to innovate our flight test safety and aviation safety culture. However, he was not a fan of the Applied Systems Theory presentation.

He remembered hearing the presentation in person at the 2017 symposium: “I left with no clear idea what he was talking about…particularly [he] needs to form his message for a wider audience.  There seems to be some promise there but I can’t discern what that might be right now.”

editor’s note

You can find feedback, both positive and negative, on a weekly basis. The convention used for these articles appears in the title of this post: “19-w0x,” where 19 is the year, and w0x indicates the week.

Links to this column will appear on twitter using #flighttest #feedback. The feedback that appears in this column may include complete “letters to the editor,” or it may simply be an excerpt. With permission, I will publish the author’s name and contact information.

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